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I created this blog with a dual purpose in mind. Firstly: as a diary of the song-writing experience so that any budding songwriters out there might gain an insight into this unique creative process. I don't claim to be the best, but I hope at the very least a fellow musician will read it with a sense that they are not alone in thinking how frustrating songwriting can be sometimes!

Secondly, this blog is an attempt to pull myself out of the post-graduation funk that I imagine many of my peers are also wallowing in right now. When I was making my graduation film, Innocence (innocencefilm.blogspot.com), I found that having a blog motivated me enough to actually create things to put on it. In this case, music. Enjoy!

Sarah Coloso Gillespie
19 July 2011.

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Saturday, 13 August 2011


...or at least it is until I play it live at Tonic tomorrow and probably go back and re-write half the song. For me, lyrics tend to go through two re-writes:

1) is brought about by that moment when the lyrics go from being written down to sung out loud to myself; nine times out of ten this triggers an embarrassing "that sounded far better in my head" moment...

2) happens when I play a song live for the first time, triggering an even more embarrassing "that sounded far better when I played it to myself in my room" moment.

For now, the song is called "How To Hold A Gun," and is something of a rant about religious extremists/terrorists.

How To Hold A Gun

All are parasites
Feasting on the host
Father, Son and Holy Ghost

Take them while they're young
Teach them how to hate
Teach them how to hold a gun

We dug an earthen grave
And buried reason deep
Though she tried to fight
She soon fell fast sleep
We filled it up again
And marked it with a cross
And never paused to contemplate
The weight of what we'd lost

Father, look this way
Trust in me your might
Teach me how to win the fight

Take me not in vain
You shall hold your tongue
Lest I kill your first born sons

We parted wide the sea
And reason followed in
And when we had escaped
We drowned her for her sins
There is no turning back
From ripples of deceit
And so we journey on
The serpent's at our feet

Be you not afraid
Gospel shall abide
Keep the iron faith
God is on my side

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  1. I'm really liking the lyrics...and the title fits well I think. Would need to hear it though. :D